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Tibetan Acupressure Mat Jumbo (68x38cm)

Premium Red Acupressure Mat with 231 plastic spines or 4158 acupressure points...
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Tibetan Acupressure Mat (38x19cm)

Premium Red Acupressure Mat with 60 plastic spines or 1080 acupressure points...
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Su Jok (acupressure)

Two Flexible yellow-steel wire rings and a plastic ball are specially designed...
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how the Acupressure mat can help you

if you suffer with back pain...

Learn the essential keys to eliminating Lower and Upper Back Pain treatment with Acupressure Mat. Find out more

to keep your skin looking youthful...

Facial Acupressure for Clear, Blemish free and Youthful Skin. The Tibetan Acupressure Mat is optimised to give the ultimate regenerating facial massage. Find out more

to naturally relieve your headache...

The Tibetan Acupressure Mat makes it easy to get rid of your Headache quickly and for good. Find out more

with much much more...

what is the acupressure mat?

Acupressure Mat Pain Relief Solution

The Acupressure Mat is an effective and easy to use acupressure pain relief device. It is made from non-allergenic materials and consists of high density plastic spines which are precisely arranged to best stimulate the body's internal abilities to heal itself. Find out more

Acupressure Mat Pain Relief Solution

Why choose the Tibetan acupressure mat?

The Tibetan Mat works by applying non penetrative acupressure on numerous points over an area of the body. The pressure spines stimulate blood flow and lymph circulation locally.

Endorphins ("hormones of happiness" or "natural pain killers") are released. These are effective in blocking pain and producing analgesia and a sense of well-being.

  • Only Tibetan Acupressure Mats are clinically tested and proven effective
  • Highest European Quality (Hygienic, Healthy and Safe environment)
  • Non-allergic materials only
  • Plain and not dyed or bleached Linen fabric (famous for its natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties) is used for the base
  • Optimal spikes distribution for maximum Acupressure effect:18 spike points per flower button. Anything above 20 spikes per flower may not be effective as closer positioning of the spikes reduces Acupressure effect
  • NO Foam and NO Pads are used as they were introduced to soften the mats up which as a result considerably reduced Acupressure effect of Padded mats such as: shaktimat, yantramat, Manuka Prana Acupressure Mat, fakirmat, lotus spikemat, Paxvita, Qi-mat, Acumat and hundreds of others
  • NO Sponge or Foam is used as they can become a breeding ground for Dust Mites and cause skin to overheat

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