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Please view some of the most commonly asked questions and answers about the Acupressure below -

Will the Acupressure mat work for me?

Despite the fact every individual is very unique, our bodies are built in a very similar way and they respond to the stimulation of the Acupressure mat in a certain way. When neurons (or nerve cells) on our skin surface are trigged by the sharpness of the studs our brain reacts by sending endorphins into our nervous system blocking the pain and increasing blood and lymph circulation in the treated area which creates the right environment for cells to renew themselves. This process happens to every body treated with the Acupressure mat.

Is it painful to use the Acupressure mat?

You can fee some initial pricking sensation during the very first few minutes on the areas being treated. But all pain or discomfort is quickly replaced by a pleasant feeling of relaxation.

What benefits can I expect from using the Acupressure mat?

When using the Acupressure mat you can expect:

  • Pain relief
  • Dissolved stress
  • Increased metabolism
  • Decreased inflammation
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For how long and how often can I lie on the Acupressure mat?

We suggest that you start with 15 minutes. When more accustomed to the Acupressure mat 20-40 minutes per session is standard. However, it is not dangerous to exceed the time limit. Many people fall asleep on the mat and that is perfectly safe. We recommend regular, if possible daily, use.

What are the possible side effects from using the Acupressure mat?

There are no real side-effects. Just after the treatment you can notice some redness (due to increased blood circulation) on the treated area which will disappear within a few minutes.

Can I use the Acupressure mat if I have a skin disease?

The points may feel irritating to sensitive or inflamed skin. You may ease the sensation by placing a thin cloth between your skin and the Acupressure mat. You should immediately stop the treatment if you feel you are getting worse.

Is it appropriate for children to use the Acupressure mat?

Children tend to like it a lot. They calm down and relax. Try using it at bedtime, but always under supervision.

Who should NOT use the Acupressure mat?

The Acupressure mat is a very safe device, though if you have some chronic disease / condition, please, contact your doctor prior to using the Acupressure mat.

Is the Acupressure mat safe to use for pregnant women?

If you are pregnant always consult your midwife before using the Acupressure mat.

Can the Acupressure mat be washed?

Yes, the Acupressure mat can be hand washed with soap and a brush (if needed) and rinsed with plenty of water. Allow to hang and drip dry. Avoid washing machines and tumble dryers as the plastic points may get damaged.

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My back becomes painful after hard housework or gardening or just exercising. I just lie on my Acupressure Mat and the aches normally completely disappear in a few minutes leaving me a nice feeling of warmth and relaxation. It is an amazing thing this mat, I would highly recommend it to everyone who's got a severe pain and doesn't know what to do. I like that it is a completely natural treatment without drugs.

P.German, London

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