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Su-Jok (Acupressure) Rings and Ball

Two Flexible yellow-steel wire rings and a plastic ball are specially designed for the acupressure massage of fingers and toes.

SU means hand and JOK means Foot in Korean language. Su Jok acupressure is a therapy which is highly condensed and focused on the treatment of diseases and disorders by concentrating only on hands and feet.

As the massage ring is put on a finger or toe, it should be rolled with mild pressure, until redness and warmth occur in the massaged area. Massage of the fingers and toes produce a healing and beneficial effect on the whole body.

The principle behind Su Jok is that there is a continuous flow of energy in all of us. This energy flows in a very systematic and uniformed manner.

It is so easy to learn that even children can pick up the technique in an hour.

Perfect pain relief

Su Jok Therapy is not only limited to pain. It can be used in health problems like Arthritis, Spondylitis, Blood Pressure, Lumbago, Backache, Knee and other joint pains, Frozen Shoulder, Sciatica, Migraine, Diabetes, Ear Pain, Eye problems, Deafness (partial), Allergy, Anemia, Constipation, Sinus, Stomach problems, Cough & Cold, Depression, Fatigue, Hernia, Slip Disc, Urine Bladder & Kidney Stone, Tonsillitis, Polyps, Heel pain, Pimples and other.


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